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By ATR International |   Wed, Jan 15, 2014 @ 09:28 AM

We’re probably all familiar with word clouds at this point; even if you’ve only seen them.  Have you ever tried to make one?  It can be a little time consuming depending on how much text you’re putting in but the results are interesting.  Our word cloud comes from columns written in 2013.  Mostly, we’re not surprised by what we see – Information Technology, people, work, industry, staffing – all are prominent as we would expect.  STEM, career, employee, consultant, business – none of these are surprises either.  What is interesting is how the words end up near each other.  Look at the top where “experience,” “talent,” “workers,” and “understanding” are all grouped.  Or how “hire,” “looking,” and “want” are on the middle right, while “hiring,” “give,” and “success” are on the left middle; different connotations to each grouping.  “People,” “potential,” and “opportunity” are together at the top of the diagram, while “opportunities,” “company,” “business,” “employees” and “consultants” are grouped at the bottom.  The size of the words is determined by the count of each in the overall text entry but the position of the words in the cloud is random.  However, these random placements end up providing unexpected insights.  

All in all it’s a pretty good picture of what ATR is about and what we cover in the “pages” of Staffing 360.  We try to cover topics that interest our clients and our consultants.  We try to provide stimulating, thoughtful and sometimes fun content that helps you better understand the world of staffing, whatever your role in that world is.  Below you’ll find links to our most popular posts.  Enjoy, whether you’re rereading it or perusing it for the first time.  Thanks for your interest throughout 2013 and here’s to an even more inspiring 2014!

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ATR International Partners With Toys for Tots

By ATR International |   Wed, Dec 18, 2013 @ 12:49 PM

What a great time of year this is! Each day seems to bring another holiday treat to tempt us or party to attend. Lights twinkle and decorations brighten the scene everywhere. For most of us the season is filled with opportunities for fun with family and friends, and amidst all the festivities, it is a time for celebration and reflection. It is a time to count our blessings and to remember those less fortunate than us. This year for the first time, ATR worked with Toys for Tots. Founded by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, the organization collects unwrapped gifts during October, November and December and distributes them to children in the community. 

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ATR International Celebrates 25 Years

By ATR International |   Thu, Sep 12, 2013 @ 08:52 AM

25 years ago I had an experience that changed my life, my family’s life and subsequently, I think, the lives of many others.  I was an experienced mechanical engineer with a Master’s Degree and was working as a consultant at the time when I received a call from a recruiter.  They wanted to know if I was interested in a position in Bar Harbor, ME as a mechanic at a shipyard.  It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, although it didn’t happen every day either.  But it got me thinking, “If I’m an engineer, and recruiters don’t understand what I do, then how can they find me a job?”  It was an idea that didn’t leave me and after much consideration, I made the decision to start my own company.  To specialize in helping technical professionals find the work they are trained to do and our clients the specialized skilled people they need to thrive.

25 years ago, when we started the business, the personal computer and databases were just beginning to take hold.  We had them in the office before some of our clients even did and, among other things, I used it to build ATR’s first consultant database.  As we all know, technology has moved forward at light speed and today we avail ourselves of the most up to date tools to manage so much of the business, but I look back fondly on ATR’s first embrace of technology to run a better, more efficient company.  25 years ago, the staffing industry as a whole was much, much different too with a smaller footprint and impact on our national economy.  It’s been interesting watching it change and grow, along with ATR.

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ATR International Opens San Diego Office

By ATR International |   Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 08:54 AM

As part of our continued growth and expansion, we are delighted to announce the opening of our San Diego, CA office. With our new office, we expect to strengthen our position as a leading provider of IT consultants and enterprise-wide staffing services.

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Innovation and Creativity at ATR International

By ATR International |   Wed, Mar 27, 2013 @ 06:53 AM

Like many companies, we conduct weekly management meetings here at ATR. We talk about all of the usual things...projects, financials, sales activity, HR issues, etc. These are important meetings that give managers insight into what’s happening across the entire company. But if I’m being honest, these meetings are mostly about the exchange of information and how to address issues. There is very little strategizing on how to make ATR a better company. Very little creative thinking about how to better our competition. For this, we turn to the experts at ATR. The individuals who are on the front lines every day, working to satisfy our customers, finding jobs for our candidates, and making sure that everything flows as smoothly as possible. We give them a forum in which to bring up issues and find creative solutions.

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ATR International Moves Into New Charlotte Office

By ATR International |   Thu, Oct 11, 2012 @ 08:55 AM

As part of our continued growth and expansion, we are delighted to announce the opening of our new Charlotte, NC office. With our new office, we expect to strengthen our position as a leading provider of IT consultants and enterprise-wide staffing services.

“We are excited about our new facility,” stated CEO Jerry Brenholz. “It will allow us to provide a higher level of service to our already existing client base in Charlotte. I continue to be proud of the dedication ATR employees exhibit and look forward to continued growth throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas.”

Our new office is conveniently located in downtown Charlotte:

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The Olympic Spirit and Business Lessons(part 2)

By ATR International |   Mon, Aug 20, 2012 @ 08:55 AM

As I posted earlier this week, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2012 London Olympics! As always, the Games were replete with memorable moments, outsized personalities, quiet determination, amazing individual achievements, and a welcoming and festive atmosphere for fans and athletes alike. There are so many topics worthy of consideration but today I want to talk about what we can learn from the Olympic teams. As a staffing firm owner, my clients want to build successful teams and I am a provider of team members. So what lessons did the Olympics provide for us?  

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The Olympic Spirit and Business Lessons(part 1)

By ATR International |   Mon, Aug 13, 2012 @ 10:42 AM

I have been enthralled by the 2012 Olympics, staying up way too late and watching sports I rarely have an interest in, but that’s part of the appeal, isn’t it?  It doesn’t matter what the sport is, watching the best in the world compete for one of sport’s most prestigious awards is riveting, whether it’s gymnastics or soccer, water polo, basketball, fencing or dressage.  As I watch the London Games, I feel like every event brings a new life lesson.  Here are a few of my thoughts:

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ATR to Sponsor Staffing Industry Analysts' 2012 CWS Summit

By ATR International |   Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 09:09 AM

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The IT Employment Landscape

By ATR International |   Fri, Apr 27, 2012 @ 09:31 AM

TechServe Alliance released its IT Employment Index figures for March 2012 this week, showing that IT employment has reached an all-time high and that the demand for IT talent, which has been growing steadily for some time, remains strong. Recently, the SIA reported on a Teksystems’ survey that reported 37% of IT Leaders expect to increase temporary hiring. An annual Harris Interactive/CareerBuilder survey found 54% of employers indicated plans to hire college graduates this year with 25% of them saying they have Information Technology jobs to fill. Finally, there seems to be a new skill or IT job each week that is experiencing talent shortages and this article from WANTED Analytics about cyber security concerns and computer security specialists is a good example.

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