Getting Job References Right

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job reference checkSelecting References
Choose individuals that know you well enough to speak knowledgeably about your professional and personal attributes. Select a variety of individuals such as a past boss, a colleague or co-worker, a vendor that knows how you conduct business, etc. Be sure to get permission before you provide someone as a reference.

Speak to Your References
Besides letting your references know that you passed along their contact information to a potential employer, you should speak with them and provide them with all of the details about your job search. Explain why you are leaving your current position and tell them why you would like to use them as a reference. Also, contact your references each time you give out their name. Tell them who may be calling them and explain what is important for them to emphasize if they do get called.

Providing References
Your references should include the following information.

Work Phone
Home/Cell Phone
Email Address

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