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Why I’m excited for 2019!

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Don’t Talk Politics at Work

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Use What You Learned in College on The Job

Leading a Silicon Valley Business as a Woman and Minority in 2018

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Managing IT Worker Burnout

The Ways ATR Gives Back to the Minority Business Community

Andrea Brenholz Promoted to CEO/President of ATR International

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Celebrating 30 Years: Reflecting with Jerry and Maria

4 Methods for Growing Your Minority-Owned Business

Degree vs. Certification – Which Is Better?

Don’t do this on a video interview!

Behind the Scenes at ATR with Laura Curtin

Stop Wasting Time and Make Better Hiring Decisions

Stop hiring IT consultants like you’re buying a stapler!

Growing Confidence: How Female Professionals Succeed in 2018

ATR Visits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

A 4th of July Promise

Unconscious Bias in Hiring – Ways to Avoid It

Three New Tools That Make The Interview Process Better

Why are so many firms abandoning MSPs and taking things in house?

The Future Is Bright for Women in Technology

5 Signs You’re Working for a Great Technology Employer

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The Best Ways to Recruit an Experienced Engineer

4 Reasons Building Relationships Helps Build Your Tech Career

4 Reasons Generation Z Is the Future of the Tech Industry

How the Screening Process Works at ATR

How FinTech Is Changing the Landscape of Hiring in IT

HR’s Important Role in Recruiting Top Tech Talent

4 Lessons I Learned While Watching the Olympics

ATR International Selected as NMSDC Supplier of the Year

Happy Thanksgiving from ATR International

ATR Recognized by the NMSDC as Supplier of the Year

4 Things You Must Get Right For A Successful Job Search

Stop Hiring for Degrees and Start Hiring for Skills

Some Summer Reading for Job Seekers

Did Your Staffing Firm Overpromise?

Why You Must Understand Your Company Culture

ATR International Wins 2017 Supplier of the Year

VTO Spotlight - Fran Garfinkel Volunteers With Women Helping Women

VTO Spotlight - Sara Delaney Spends Time With The Behailu Academy

Volunteering Is Good For Business

Emotional Intelligence Is A Must In The Workplace

4 Videos to Watch Before Your Next Big Interview

8 Tips for a Discreet Yet Effective Job Search

The Keys To Proper Hygiene In The Workplace

Office Noise And How To Deal With It

50% Of Job Applicants Don't Do This And It Hurts Their Chances

4 Ways to Build Positive Work Relationships

The Many Reasons Honesty is a Must in the Workplace

Stand Out At Work By Responding To Emails Promptly

VTO Spotlight - Toys For Tots

Happy Thanksgiving from ATR International

ATR's Volunteer Time Off Program Continues to Make a Difference

Be a Problem Solver in the Workplace

ATR Joins the Military Spouse Employment Program

Illegal Interview Questions and How to Address Them

Are You Ready for Your Job Search?

How to Format Your Resume for Today's Recruiting Technology

Addressing This One Issue Helps You Hire The Best Talent

Why You Should Send Us Your Resume

The Statistical Advantage of Looking for a Job in the Summer

5 Tips On Avoiding Distractions At Work

VTO Spotlight - Kamila Sobczyk

One Simple Thing You Can Do to Be a Great Coworker

Keep Your Opinions Out of Your Resume

Do References Still Matter During Your Job Search?

Happy Earth Day!

All of Your Employees Need to Understand the Value of Being an MBE

2016 Top Paying IT Certifications

The Undeniable Benefits of a Diverse Workplace

The Best Resume Advice All in One Place

No One Cares About Your Cover Letter, Most of the Time

We Love Our Jobs

Class 4 MBEs - The NMSDC Needs You

ATR Named TAPFIN Premier Partner

Our most popular posts of 2015 (and a few you might have missed!)

5 Posts of Appreciation: Post #5 is About My Employees

5 Posts of Appreciation: Post #4 is About Our Contractors

As an MBE, There's More to Networking Than You Think

5 Posts of Appreciation. Post #2 is From Our Internal Employees

5 Posts of Appreciation. Post #1 is About Our Clients.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Power of Participation as a Minority Business Enterprise

Your Resume: How to Write the Perfect Work History Section

It’s critical to have a great summary section

The Things You Must Do As Your IT Contract Job Nears Its End

The End of Performance Reviews

Philanthropy Is Good For Humanity And For Business

10 Great Websites To Learn Programming

Get Rid of that "Objective Section" on Your Resume ASAP!

The Must Do's of Phone and Video Interviews

The 4 Reasons Job Rejection Should Never Be Taken Personally

Watch The Most Stressful Job Interview Ever

Top-Paying IT Certifications

What Happens to My Resume After I Click "Submit"?

This Is The Font To Use For Your Resume

ATR Named Supplier of the Year for Second Year in a Row

VTO Spotlight - Kamila Sobczyk

ATR Gains ISO Quality Recertification

Our Path to MBE Success

9 Absolute DON'Ts for Your Resume

Social Media Privacy Settings and Your Job Search

8 Free Tools to Enhance Your Job Search

Cyber Security A Must For MBEs

3 Things Job Seekers Can Learn From Leonardo Da Vinci's Resume

VTO Spotlight - Carolyn Bramley

The All-in-One, Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Next Job

Employees Are Back In Control. 4 Tips On How Companies Can Adapt.

Are Your IT Contractor Pay Rates Competitive? They Need To Be.

Supplier Diversity And Getting My Morning Coffee

One Simple Trick Will Improve Response Rates To Your Job Postings

One Simple Way To Gain A Hiring Advantage Over Your Competitors

The NMSDC Conference - Turning a Negative into a Positive

Do Certifications Really Help IT Job Seekers?

Happy Thanksgiving

ATR International Awarded 2014 Supplier of the Year

All the Advice a Job Seeker Could Ever Need, All in One Place!

NMSDC National Conference and Supplier of the Year Awards

Should Your IT Department Be Trying To Save Money?

Does A Gap In Your Resume Put You At A Disadvantage?

The Must-Have NMSDC Conference Guide for Corporate Professionals

You Don't Need A Resume If You're Looking For An IT Job

How To Get The Most From Your IT Staffing Firm

Advice For MBEs Attending The 2014 NMSDC Conference

Hey IT Hiring Managers! MSPs Can Be Your Friend

6 Pieces of Advice for Job Seekers Directly from ATR’s Experts

MBE Suppliers: It's More Than Providing A Great Service Or Product

6 Surprising But Effective Ways To Make A Great Hire

20 Great Quotes For The 4th Of July

IT Managers Can Learn 3 Key Things From the World Cup

Lessons From The Top IT Employers

Industry Experts Reveal The Keys To Success For MBEs

The Biggest IT Staffing Myth Dispelled

3 Hiring Lessons From The Tech Giants

Survey Reveals Major Disconnect For IT Workers

The Truth About Salary and IT Workers.

Corporate Spotlight: Brian Tippens, Chief Diversity Officer

The Unexpected Impact Of Networking As An MBE

25 Really Odd Interview Questions

ATR International Wins Multiple Diversity Supplier Awards

How To Effectively Engage The Technical Introvert

The 3 Keys To Recruit And Hire The Best IT Talent

Recruiting IT Candidates At The Source

Should MBE Suppliers Only Attend Diversity Events?

What Happens When An IT Contractor Walks Out?

LinkedIn Tips For The IT Professional

How To Recruit Software Engineers

IT Trends To Watch In 2014

Volunteering May Help You Land Your Next Job

Our Most Popular Posts of 2013

What Career Is Best For You?

Angelique Solorio Awarded Volunteer Of The Year

The Must Watch Movies About Work (part 2)

ATR International Partners With Toys for Tots

The Must Watch Movies About Work (part 1)

Happy Thanksgiving

The IT Project Management Lessons Obamacare Taught Us

Why Technology Trends Matter To Your Business

Are You Building Temples?

Training and Opportunity Key to IT Employee Retention

The Importance Of The NMSDC Opportunity Fair

How to Make Your Commute Productive

The Difficult Part of Making a Great Hire

Tips for Getting the Most Out of the NMSDC Opportunity Fair

How To Get Promoted At Work

3 Reasons To Find Your Next Job Through An IT Staffing Firm

The Most Important Type of Networking

IT Trends For The Second Half of 2013

How To Connect On LinkedIn

Celebrating National Staffing Employee Week

ATR International Celebrates 25 Years

5 Ways To Be Memorable At Work

The Job Search: When Experience Isn't Enough

The True Meaning of Labor Day

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The Staffing Industries Greatest Contribution

A Few Bad Apples Don't Have to Ruin an Industry

Are You An Indispensable Employee?

We Don't Want Your Business and Here's Why

ATR International Opens San Diego Office

The Linkedin Invite: To Accept or Not Accept

Kaiser Permanente Supports MBE's Through PowerPoint Training

Which Department Should Own the Contingent Workforce Program?

Is This Issue Slowing Your Search For IT Talent?

Corporate Spotlight: Supplier Diversity at The Walt Disney Company

Are You Sure That's Why You Didn't Get Hired?

Are You Tapping the Most Underappreciated Talent Pool?'s 13th Annual Business Conference

Memorial Day

6 Reasons Companies Use Temporary Employees

Sleep and Productivity

IT Employee Retention is More Important Than Hiring

The Best Career Advice I Ever Got

How to Optimize Your Resume for an ATS

STEM's Bright Future

Technology Jobs and Trends for 2013

Getting Job References Right

5 Critical Steps to Retain Top Employees

Innovation and Creativity at ATR International

STEM Industries Can Learn From Professional Sports

VTO Spotlight - Christine Capuano

Be Prepared: The Interview Checklist

Banish the Resume!

The Importance of Proper Grammar in the Workplace

The Best The Staffing Industry Has To Offer

Why Should Your Company Become a Certified MBE?

Will Technology Replace the Recruiter?

10 Tips for Getting Ahead at Work

Video Job Interviews: The Good and the Bad

Unemployment: What's Your Next Adventure?

What Hiring Managers Think

Staffing Visualized

The Future of Temporary Staffing

MBE to MBE Diversity Spend at ATR International

ATR International Wins Light the Night Award

Price vs. Quality in Contingent Staffing

8 Basics for a Successful Job Search

A Time for Reflection

11 Sure Fire Career Killers

Employee Retention: Perception vs. Reality

Marketing Strategies and Tips for MBE’s

Open House and Holiday Celebration at Our Charlotte, NC Office

Light the Night 2012

Giving Thanks

NMSDC 2012 Conference Review

What Makes Your Staffing Firm Different?

9 Questions You Should Ask an Interviewer

6 Best Practices for Selecting Excellent Staffing Suppliers

7 Things That Are Unacceptable During Your Job Search

IT Contractor Retention Still a Key for Business

Corporate Spotlight: Supplier Diversity at The Clorox Company

The Essentials of a Contingent Workforce Program (part 2)

ATR International Moves Into New Charlotte Office

The Essentials of a Contingent Workforce Program (part 1)

An Unsettling Trend in Hiring

Five eGuides That Will Perfect Your Contingent Workforce Program

6 Best Practices for Selecting Excellent Staffing Suppliers

A Week to Appreciate Temporary Employees

Labor Day Weekend: A Time for Fun and for Helping Others

Good vs. Bad Failure in the Workplace

True Partnerships are a Must for Successful Staffing Providers

Corporate Spotlight: Supplier Diversity at Austin Industries

The Olympic Spirit and Business Lessons(part 2)

VTO Spotlight - Angelique Solorio

The Olympic Spirit and Business Lessons(part 1)

Reinventing the Standard Resume

Relationship Still the Key to Partnering with Staffing Providers

ATR, Scripps Hospital, and an Evening of Giving

9 Tips for Writing an Effective Yet Simple Cover Letter

Legal Update for Staffing Firms

Salary Negotiation and Your New Job

What To Do If Your Staffing Provider is Acquired

A Promise Kept

The High Unemployment Talent Shortage

PMP Certification a Must for Today's IT Project Managers

ATR to Sponsor Staffing Industry Analysts' 2012 CWS Summit

Temporary Employment: Opposing AB 1744

Blogging and Lead Generation for MBEs

The Key to IT Contractor Retention

8 Steps to Getting a "Yes" From Your Boss

Say "Thank You" by Hiring Veterans

7 Tips for a Discreet Job Search

LinkedIn to Attract IT Talent

How to Network Like a Pro

7 Expert Tips for Hiring the Best IT Employees

10 Career Lessons from a Workforce Veteran

LinkedIn and Your Search for an IT Job

12th Annual Multicultural Business Conference

The Job Interview: Why Didn’t They Call You Back and What To Do

The IT Employment Landscape

Meet Margaret Bryden, HR Generalist and FIAT Race Car Driver

Supporting Diversity in the Workplace

Celebrating our CEO's 70th Birthday

Job Loss is Typically Job Disruption

3 Lessons About IT Staffing That I Learned on the Golf Course

The Most Important 6 Seconds of Your Job Search

IT Contractors Key to Optimized Workforce

Filling Highly Skilled Positions is More Important Than You Think

Temporary Staffing's Best Kept Secret

US Job Growth Continues to Show Strength

Two Important Lessons from the SIA Executive Forum

After the Job Interview

Do Tenure Policies Really Help Manage Contingent Workforce Risk?

Facebook and Your Job Search

3 Things You Must Do Before Making a Job Change

The Interview: Why Questions are More Important Then Answers

Are Video Resumes and Interviews Finally Here to Stay?

12 Keys to Being a Great Coworker

ATR International Opens Minneapolis Office

The Current State of IT Off-Shoring (part 2)

Discrimination Against the Unemployed

The Current State of IT Off-Shoring (part 1)

Shakespeare's Advice for the Job Seeker

IT Jobs Reach All-Time High

Can My Past Employer Give Me a Bad Reference?

3 Pieces of Staffing Advice from Shakespeare

The One Thing You Must Consider When Hiring IT Workers

Staffing MSP's: What They Can, and Can't, do for You

VTO Spotlight - Megan Scheibli

Solutions for the IT Talent Shortage

5 Keys to Looking for Work in 2012

9 Must-ask Questions for Hiring IT Contractors

A New Year Shows Quality Still Top Staffing Concern

5 Steps to a Successful Annual Performance Review

Are You Prepared for the Coming IT Staffing Crisis?

VTO Spotlight - Sarah Yacono

6 Common Myths About Temporary Staffing

VTO Spotlight - Beethoven Sabar

4 Awesomely Creative Ways to Get Noticed in Your Job Search

8 Simple Steps to Working With a Recruiter

Giving Thanks for an Amazing Staff

3 Major Issues Currently Impacting the Staffing Industry

6 Interesting Articles About Jobs That You Might Have Missed

ATR International Opens New Southern California Office

A Very Special Halloween Career Fair

Charity Should be Recession Proof

6 Must Do's for Converting an IT Contract Job into a Regular Job

Hiring Requires Optimism

Finding an IT Job - Don't Send a Resume

Communication: The Best Practice When it Comes to Your VMS

Job Satisfaction - The 7 Keys to Make Yourself Indespensible

I'm Too Poor to Buy Cheap

Reverse Auctions and the Staffing Industry

The American Jobs Act - Is It Enough?

Finding an IT Job – Should you consider temporary employment?

Top 6 Reasons to Use a Temp Agency

Find a Job - Become an "In Demand" IT Professional

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