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We Love Our Jobs

Posted by ATR International on Fri, Feb 12, 2016 @ 12:16 PM


We love our jobs. We love the business we’re in and the work that we do. Really!

This weekend’s Valentine’s Day inspires us to enthusiastically share this sentiment via Staffing 360 but you can find it expressed in other posts and on our website’s Meet Our Team page. Individual profiles include what we like about working in the staffing industry and at ATR. Again and again there’s a common theme that runs through them, one that our founder and CEO Jerry Brenholz has expressed frequently:

“It is incredibly rewarding and satisfying to work in the staffing industry.”

We all want work that provides something intangible as well as a paycheck, a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It is human nature that we desire both utility and personal satisfaction in our work. We want to be fulfilled through involvement with something bigger. For us, working in the staffing industry delivers that opportunity and that feeling.

Whether they are recruiters, account executives, salespeople, HR or accounting personnel, we love what we do here at ATR and how we help make both our contractors and our clients more successful.  Here’s just some of what we have to say:

“I love getting to help people with one of the most important parts of their life—their career!” Andrea Williamson, Technical Recruiter

“I really like that I get to talk to new people every day and find out what they are looking for and help them find a position that will make them happy.” Jaymeson Zarling, Technical Recruiter

“I enjoy the fulfillment that comes with helping people find work.” Katherine Roberts, HR Admin.

“I love having the opportunity to both place great people in rewarding, new careers while also meeting our client's needs and making them more successful on a daily basis.” Dana Bowman Account Executive

“I love being able to help people pursue their career goals and dreams.” Laraine Wong, Technical Recruiter

“The ultimate reason why I enjoy working in the staffing industry is that I know I play an important role in a person's career path.” Le Vo, Recruiter

“What I really like about my work is the thought that I’m part of something that gives people opportunities.” Ina Maget Recruiter

“My job lets me experience all aspects of the staffing industry, through the eyes of internal employees, potential consultants, and end clients. Knowing all angles of the industry helps me succeed, and since I like what I'm doing, that in turn leads to job satisfaction. We are in the business of putting people to work and that is one of the best feelings!” Drew D’Elia, Account Eecutive

“Helping both the client and the candidate gives me a sense of fulfillment.” Lucille Aviles, Recruiter

“Working in the staffing industry is rewarding because we are providing a service to companies that will impact their bottom line success immediately.” Fran Garfinkel, Account Executive

“There’s nothing more enjoyable than the feeling of accomplishment when I place someone in a new position; both the candidate and recruiter feel it. You work hard, and you get rewarded for your success in several ways but in the end, the most significant reward is the “thanks” you get from the hired professional.” Marina Berg, Technical Recruiter

“I love playing a part in finding jobs for people!  There is such a sense of satisfaction!” Ana Marie Serrano, Administrative Assistant

“I enjoy getting to know my clients better and really understanding their business needs and goals. It helps me do a better job finding the right solutions and I love the feeling of satisfaction I get helping them run their departments well and reach those goals.” Janice Yoshimoto, Account Executive

There are other things people like about their jobs here too. The industry is dynamic and each day is different. You’re never bored! You meet lots of interesting people from all different backgrounds. We like working with our clients. They do interesting work and we like feeling that we contribute to their success.

(Join the ATR International Team.)

Now, we’re not crazy or mindlessly positive. We understand that work is work and we have tough days just like everyone. Everything doesn’t always go your way and some tasks that our work involves are not as enjoyable as others. Every job has its moments of the mundane. The staffing world is not for everyone. But overall it is a wonderful feeling to know that our efforts make a difference and that our work has meaning and contributes to our society.

And so, we love our jobs!  Hopefully you do too. There are lots of great rewarding types of work in the world and we want everyone to be as satisfied as we are. Let us know what you find rewarding or satisfying in your work. And if you want help finding your next rewarding position – send us your resume!


Class 4 MBEs - The NMSDC Needs You

Posted by Angelique Solorio on Tue, Feb 09, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

NMSDC-Logo-NATIONAL.jpgCertification through the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC) brings many benefits. Most MBEs regardless of size see the benefit of attending the larger events such as the national conference, but I have noticed over the years that more of the smaller MBEs take advantage of our seminars and workshops for valuable training and networking. It’s a shame but I don’t generally see many of my fellow Class 4 MBE members attending these same local events, and it’s time we change that.

The NMSDC needs larger, more experienced MBEs to share our experience and knowledge, and to give advice to the newest members of the MBE community. The benefit of our years in business – the things we’ve seen, mistakes we’ve overcome, successes we’ve achieved – is an incredible gift to share with MBEs smaller than us. MBEs that have achieved longevity, significant growth, and steady profits and success are a wealth of information for those just starting out or in the first few years of business.

I know that attending a workshop on funding, social media branding, or basic tips for RFP’s is probably not something an established MBE necessarily thinks they need but what about attending it to share your knowledge? Perhaps you could act as an instructor or serve on a panel or Q&A session.

Attending events with the goal of meeting more than just corporate program managers is another great way that larger, more established MBEs can get involved. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the other MBE members in your area. You’ll learn about their business, and develop a relationship that will hopefully allow you both to watch out for opportunities for each other, and refer or provide introductions where possible.

With the NMSDC’s billion dollar revenue goal for its MBE members, it’s going to take all of us working together. MBE to MBE spend is just as critical as corporate spend. As a “senior” member of the community we have a real ability, and I would argue a real responsibility, to promote other MBEs, to increase our own MBE spend where possible, and to help reach that $1B mark. MBE to MBE networking is a key to making this happen.

As a Class 4 MBE, ATR International made a commitment several years ago to strengthen our connection to the NMSDC and its local councils in particular (since we have offices across the US). We increased our participation, sponsoring and attending events, serving on committees, and generally expanding our support where there was a need and we were able to. Because of that we’ve made some valuable business connections that have actually led to introductions and subsequent RFI/RFP opportunities.

It isn’t just selfless charity; you too can benefit from this kind of participation, no matter how well-known or successful you’ve become. Corporate buyers don’t simply rely on the database to look up an MBE and slot it into their program. They network. They want to meet potential suppliers and get to know them well before they promote them internally. Word of mouth and recommendations are critical parts of networking and sourcing. The program managers that I’ve met and know are all happy for me to refer them to a company or be introduced to someone I might know who can provide a product they need.

Finally, I am a past member of the WRMSDC’s Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (WRMBEIC). The WRMBEIC’s mission, and that of its counterparts in other regions, is to be the voice of the members. The Committee wants to hear what matters to all MBEs, not just newly certified ones. What seminar would be more helpful to you and your company? What topics are of particular interest for larger, more established MBEs? How can the Council help you? They want to target their offerings to the needs of all members and can only do that if they hear from everyone, from MBEs of all sizes and revenue levels.

So there it is. No matter how big or how small you are, whether you’re a year one start up or celebrating 20 plus years in business, the benefits are waiting for you. I encourage everyone to attend both local and national events, participate and share, and see what good things happen!

Angelique Solorio
Corporate Outreach Manager, Supplier Diversity





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In Honor of Super Bowl 50, here are 50 Things to Know About ATR International

Posted by ATR International on Thu, Feb 04, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

Since 1967, the Super Bowl has brought millions of fans together to celebrate as their teams, representing the NFC and AFC divisions, battle for the championship. Many look forward to watching with friends and family at house parties or local restaurants, enjoying great food, the halftime show, the commercials, and for the true football fan, the game itself. This year’s milestone 50th game, its “golden” anniversary, is being held at the home of the 49ers, Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA and will feature the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.

The Super Bowl is watched by millions and brings revenue and recognition to the host city and local towns and businesses. We’re really excited because Super Bowl 50 is happening in the heart of Silicon Valley, basically in our backyard since ATR International’s headquarters are in Sunnyvale.

Fun fact: the number at the 50-yard line has been painted gold at stadiums this year, and there have been other gold themed promotions throughout the season to celebrate. It is also the first time that Roman numerals are not being used since the tradition began with Super Bowl V, with an Arabic 50 instead of the L gracing the logo.  Don’t worry though – the Roman tradition returns next year for Super Bowl LI.

So even though neither of the local teams, the 49ers or the Raiders, are playing, we’re excited nonetheless! There is a festive air wherever you go, Super Bowl flags line the streets, the airport is decked out with logos, and you can see the stadium from our windows. We’re all ready for the big game!

As we welcome Panther and Bronco fans to the Bay area, we also wanted to get in the spirit and celebrate as a company. In honor of the game’s 50th anniversary, and because sometimes it’s fun to write a blog that isn’t focused on serious business topics, we thought we’d share 50 facts about ATR International. We hope you enjoy these fun and interesting facts and that by opening up our world to you, you feel a little closer to us here at ATR.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

  1. ATR has been privately owned by the same family since it was founded in 1988 by husband and wife Jerry Brenholz and Maria Novoa

  2. ATR International, Inc. has been our name since 2007 when we changed it from Advanced Technical Resources to better reflect our business

  3. ATR’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA is about 5 miles from where Super Bowl 50 is being held

  4. ATR currently has 82 active internal employees

  5. ATR’s CEO, Jerry Brenholz, is a mechanical engineer with a Master’s Degree who worked as a contractor for years before founding ATR

  6. ATR was named the WRMSDC Supplier of the Year for the years 2014 and 2015

  7. ATR recognizes each year of service with a certificate and has partnered with Tiffany’s for gifts to acknowledge employee milestone anniversaries

  8. ATR’s VP of Finance is a diehard Raiders fan and bakes cookies during the game and brings them in on Mondays

  9. ATR was recently named a 2015 TAPFIN Premier Supplier

  10. ATR’s CEO hosts an annual Oktoberfest at his house

  11. ATR gives its internal employees a week of paid time to use to help a charity through our Voluntary Time Off Program (VTO)

  12. ATR is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC)

  13. ATR values Supplier Diversity and has our own initiatives and goals including increasing MBE to MBE spend each year

  14. ATR’s employees are a social group hosting coffee breaks, bagel Fridays, pot luck meals, and other get togethers throughout the year

  15. ATR has been a supporter of the Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation for many years participating in their annual Light the Night event

  16. ATR’s recruiters have placed contract employees in 42 different states

  17. ATR is ISO certified for quality and was one of the first staffing firms to do so  

  18. ATR’s Charlotte office is 5 blocks from Bank of America Stadium the home of the 2016 NFC Champion Carolina Panthers

  19. ATR celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2013 at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco

  20. ATR has dedicated and loyal employees – 34% of them have been with the company for 10 or more years and 15% for 15 years or more

  21. ATR roots for the NFL – the largest number of survey replies came from 49er fans (no surprise there!) but we also cheer on the Panthers, Broncos, Raiders, Packers, Cardinals, Chargers, Bears, Vikings, Dolphins, Cowboys, Giants, and the Chiefs

  22. ATR built a proprietary database to track and source candidates

  23. ATR is an active member of the NMSDC and supporter of the greater minority business community including attendance at national and regional Business Opportunity Fairs

  24. ATR’s Bay Area neighbors are well represented in the Super Bowl: Broncos running back C.J. Anderson graduated from Bethel High in Vallejo; Panthers head coach Ron Rivera graduated from Seaside High School near Monterey, Broncos safety T.J. Ward graduated from De La Salle High School in Concord, and Panthers defensive end Jared Allen, grew up in Los Gatos

  25. ATR’s Scottsdale office is a few miles from University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals

  26. ATR was one of the first staffing firms to offer benefits to contract employees

  27. ATR has recruiters who once worked as contractors for us

  28. ATR’s mascot is a highly coveted blue and green dragon - every internal employee has one and you might too if you’ve been to our booth at conferences

  29. ATR has a Discretionary Time Off program instead of a traditional vacation policy for internal employees

  30. ATR’s slogan is "changing the world one job at a time"

  31. ATR’s managers host an Easter egg hunt every year for internal employees at the Sunnyvale office

  32. ATR’s Marketing Director is a big sports fan but his first love is ice hockey - watching and playing

  33. ATR’s Chief Brand Strategist has two adorable teacup poodles named Rory and Romeo

  34. ATR’s Irvine office is near where the Anaheim Ducks play hockey

  35. ATR’s Charlotte office has more than tripled its size in 3 years

  36. ATR’s blog Staffing 360 was created 4 years ago

  37. ATR is truly international – we have employees who have come to the U.S. from China, El Salvador, Fiji, India, Philippines, Poland, Saipan, Taiwan, and Vietnam

  38. ATR participates annually in charity golf events supporting worthy organizations including the United Way, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Cancer Society, the Bennett Clayton Foundation, and Vail Place

  39. ATR is known for wearing wild & crazy golf shorts at these events

  40. ATR had a baby boom back in the early 2000’s – over half the staff had babies during that time

  41. ATR’s Minneapolis office is located minutes away from where the Timberwolves play at the Target Center, where the Twins play at Target Field, and the new home of the Vikings, U.S. Bank Stadium. scheduled to open in Fall 2016

  42. ATR employees in Minneapolis have participated in several Polar Plunges for charity, diving into lakes when the temperatures have plummeted well below zero

  43. ATR solicits feedback from its clients and contractors with an annual survey

  44. ATR’s first clients included Sun Microsystems

  45. ATR’s Irvine employees are excited to welcome the Rams back to the LA/Orange County area and our Sunnyvale employees are happy the Raiders are not moving there

  46. ATR is committed to being environmentally responsible and has achieved the Bay Area Green Business standards at our headquarters

  47. ATR’s corporate office has a snack room that is decorated for every holiday

  48. ATR has filled over 30,000 positions and its consultants have worked over 12 million hours

  49. ATR serves Fortune 500 and other clients in the Aerospace, Biotechnology, Hardware, Electronics, Finance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Networking, Semiconductor, and Software industries

  50. ATR’s Scottsdale office is approximately 850+ miles from Mile High Stadium the home of the 2016 AFC Champion Denver Broncos (we know, it’s really far but it’s our closest office to Denver and we didn’t want to leave out the Broncos fans!)



Andrea and Angelique are 49er faithful.


Amanda is a loyal member of Raider Nation


 Dana is clealy rooting for the Panthers on Sunday


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The Rest of Your Resume: Tips on Contact Information, Education, Technical Skills, References, and More.

Posted by ATR International on Thu, Jan 28, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

resumewritingtips.jpgCompared to the Summary or Work Experience sections of a resume, things like your contact information or education can seem quick and easy to finish. Surely they won’t take as much time or effort. Which is true but it doesn’t make them any less important or in need of careful attention. They might not take the same level of thought, since these sections are mostly factual, straightforward information, but there is plenty of room for error.Here are some great tips on how to avoid some common mistakes and get things right in every section of your resume:

Contact Information

  • You should include your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number. If it is applicable, include the address of your website or online portfolio.
  • Avoid using an unprofessional e-mail address such as or Your first and last name is the most professional email address to have. Consider setting up an email account specifically for your job search.
  • Remember to check your outgoing voicemail message and make sure it is simple, professional, and easy to understand, without loud noise or feedback in the background. Never use slang or improper language.
  • Proof carefully. Proof several times. Most importantly – have someone else proof. You simply can’t make a mistake on this stuff.


  • List your educational accomplishments starting with your most recent or highest degree.
  • Include the name and location of the institution you graduated from – location means city and state, not a full mailing address.
  • Include your degree, and field of study/major. Do not list graduation year.
  • Don’t lie or stretch the truth! Only list what you’ve truly earned. If you graduated with honors, say so; if you didn’t, don’t. It is simply not worth the risk of getting caught and you almost always will.

Technical Skills and Certifications

  • Not every resume is going to include these but for IT professionals it’s a must. Here is where you should list languages, tools and operating systems that you are proficient in, or any certifications you’ve achieved.
  • Depending on the position you are applying for, consider tailoring these to highlight ones that are most important to that job.
  • Again, depending on the opportunity, this section might follow Education or come in between your Summary and Work Experience.
  • It bears repeating – don’t lie or exaggerate. If you’re not really proficient, don’t claim you are.


  • Don’t list references or waste space saying they are “available on request.” Employers know this and will ask for them when they are ready, later in the process, almost always after at least one interview.
  • Do have your references ready to go with current and accurate contact information. When they are needed, you want to be able to deliver them quickly.
  • Do make sure that you alert your references when they will be receiving a call. Give them information about the position for which you are being considered and the person who will be calling them.


  • Don’t get creative with fonts, colors, formatting and the overall look of your resume. Be as clear and simple as possible in both content and layout. Unless you are applying for a highly visual creative position, this will usually backfire. Too much fussy formatting detracts from the readability, obscures your real accomplishments, and makes it look much less professional overall. Do not include your picture on your resume.
  • Sometimes there may be other relevant information that relates to the job to which you are applying or which you want to include such as membership in an industry group or other organization, volunteer work, or military experience. Do this under the heading Other Information if you have several things you want to include or under the relevant specific heading (e.g., Volunteer Activities or Military Service) if you are only including one type of information. Avoid mentioning religious, political, or controversial affiliations unless they absolutely directly relate to the job you want.
  • Can’t resist the opportunity to remind you one last time to proof your resume carefully and have someone else proof it for you too!


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ATR Named TAPFIN Premier Partner

Posted by Jerry Brenholz on Thu, Jan 21, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

logo-tapfin.pngRecently TAPFIN, ManpowerGroup Solutions’ Managed Service Provider, announced that ATR International had been named a TAPFIN Premier Partner for 2015.

TAPFIN’s mission is to revolutionize the way in which organizations fulfill and manage their contingent workforce. TAPFIN’s sole focus is working with leading organizations to develop, deploy, and enable an integrated approach to analyzing and managing external talent on a global basis.

Amongst numerous activities their functions include establishing performance metrics, negotiating SLAs, evaluating suppliers, as well as managing day-to-day operations. I am grateful that we have been recognized for our work and thank TAPFIN for doing so. It’s not about me or the “company” though, I am truly excited that the wonderful people who work to deliver the best service possible to our clients are being recognized for their hard work and dedication.

TAPFIN starts by evaluating staffing suppliers who meet an annual spend threshold and have an outstanding overall requisition fill ratio.  To be named a Premier Partner, a firm’s fill ratio has to place in the Top 10 in seven functional areas like IT, Engineering, and Healthcare. It also includes feedback from program managers and client personnel on “strategic partnership traits.” This award is based on results, on meeting KPIs, and delivering consistent service day in and day out for the whole year. Numbers aren’t subjective. Getting things done, doing our job, is the foundation of being a Premier Partner.

But possibly even more gratifying to me are the details behind the phrase “strategic partnership traits” and what that represents.  These traits included being “highly responsive and reliable,” “working within program guidelines,” and “knowing the client’s business.”   People evaluated and provided feedback on ATR about things like:

  • Our ability and willingness to support new locations, new skill sets, or other requests
  • Our commitment to sharing best practices
  • Our active participation in supplier summits, advisory boards, and committees

It is so gratifying to see TAPFIN and our clients value the way we do business. We have always been committed to being a true partner to our clients and the people that we work with. We want to really understand our clients’ businesses and staffing requirements so that we can provide the best contractors and the best service.  

We at ATR International make a strong commitment to work closely with our partners to understand their needs. We work within the parameters of their program, respecting their time by working efficiently. We’re not going to flood them with resumes and hope a few stick, nor are we going to disappear after a few submissions or pop up every few months. We’re committed to doing the job right and developing a great working relationship that will last and be successful for all parties.

I want to not just thank TAPFIN for recognizing our efforts, but to also give them credit, wholeheartedly. They make it possible for us to develop that kind of relationship and run a top notch program that allows its vendors to be successful. TAPFIN recognizes that when individual vendors succeed, the program as a whole succeeds. They treat their suppliers fairly and with respect while establishing performance metrics that ensure the client is well served. It’s no surprise to me that TAPFIN is successful and that more companies are choosing them to manage their contingent workforce programs.

When we make a promise, we keep it. When we say we’ll do the job, we do.  I’ve known that since we started ATR International back in 1988, and every person who’s worked here through the years and including until now, has shared this commitment. It’s always nice to win an award but it is especially nice when the award is based on things that matter, that are actually representative of what we are and the work that we do.

That’s why I’m so pleased to tell you all about this. This is an award that I’m happy to “brag” about on behalf of those who earned it – everyone at ATR International.  Thank you again TAPFIN and congratulations team!  

Jerry Brenholz
President and CEO



Our most popular posts of 2015 (and a few you might have missed!)

Posted by ATR International on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 09:07 AM

most_popular.jpgThank you. It’s a privilege to have you as a Staffing 360 patron and we appreciate that you’ve given us your attention this past year when we know everyone is so busy. We hope that what we share is useful, thought provoking, and perhaps even entertaining at times. Thank you for reading us. We are truly grateful.

Some topics and posts resonate with readers more than others, as the list below shows. In 2016, we’ll continue to focus on those and similar subjects, bringing practical solutions and advice to our readers. We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like us to research, report on, share our experience with, or generally write about. What questions do you have?

For now, in case you missed any of our most popular posts of 2015, here’s a review.

Our most popular posts included:

  1. 9 Absolute DON'Ts for Your Resume
  2. Get Rid of that "Objective Section" on Your Resume ASAP!
  3. Start Your Contract Job The Right Way w/ Senior Recruiter Josh Selinar

If you liked those, try these:

  1. The Must Do's of Phone and Video Interviews – If you learned something reading a list of Don’ts, how about checking out some Dos?
  2. It’s critical to have a great summary section – If you liked the column on the objective section being outdated, read our advice on what to replace it with.
  3. What to do as your Contract Nears Its End – It’s great to start things off the right way, do the right things at the end too.

Also very popular with our readers were a series of columns focused on IT Certifications:

  1. Top-Paying IT Certifications
  2. ATR Employee Necia Chase Demonstrates the Importance of Certifications
  3. Do Certifications Really Help IT Job Seekers?

There were a couple of columns on workplace trends and how we’ve responded that were quite well read:

  1. Learn Why ATR International Offers it's Internal Employees Unlimited Vacation.
  2. The End of Performance Reviews

and another of our most popular posts reported on the volunteer efforts of Kamila Sobczyk.  It's always worth promoting a story like that!

VTO Spotlight - Kamila Sobczyk

Finally, we tried to take the mystery out of what happens when you submit your resume on line in:

What Happens to My Resume after I Click "Submit"?

It was our most popular column of the year!

Let us know what your favorite was, if it’s not on this list, and, please, tell us what you’d like us to write about in future posts.

Thanks again for your support!


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5 Posts of Appreciation: Post #5 is About My Employees

Posted by Jerry Brenholz on Wed, Dec 30, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

Jerry_Brenholz.jpgPart 5 of our 5 part end-of-the-year series about the things we appreciate here at ATR.

In this final post of appreciation, it’s my turn to talk a little about what I appreciate about ATR. Since my wife Maria and I founded the company over 27 years ago there has been much to appreciate and this year is no different.

I am always thankful to work in an industry that I find so personally rewarding. It’s very satisfying to help people find work, to assist with such an important part of their life.  Their happiness is obvious and infectious.

And, of course, I appreciate our clients’ business, the trust they place in us to meet their contingent workforce needs. I also appreciate the chance to work with their companies and learn about the interesting work they are doing. Through my clients, I am exposed to new inventions, amazing breakthroughs, and cool projects, and the work that our contractors do makes us a small part of it too. I learn from our clients all the time, and I appreciate that. Our clients are, obviously very important to me and everyone else at ATR.

But I don’t distinguish between my clients and my employees if someone asks me who is the most important – it’s an unanswerable, irrelevant question. How, and why, rank them? They are equally important; without one there isn’t the other. I can’t possibly appreciate one more than the other.

What I appreciate is working with people who embody the core values of ATR – integrity, excellence, and respect for each other. I appreciate people who are honest, who have personal integrity, and pride in their work. I like people who make a commitment and keep it.  I am grateful to work with so many people, now and throughout the course of my career, that live and work according to these principles.

In essence, it is a commitment that is being made whether it is between two companies or when we hire someone to work for ATR. Our employees are making a commitment that they will come to work each day and perform their duties to the best of their abilities, with energy and enthusiasm. I make a commitment to them that I will reward them appropriately for their efforts.  This in turn allows me to keep my commitments - ATR’s commitments - to our clients to provide the services they need and deserve.

I appreciate all the people who kept their commitments this past year, to ATR, to each other, to our clients, to our contractors, to themselves. I appreciate that we all treat each with respect and act with dignity in all our dealings. Everyone deserves to be treated this way, and people who don’t meet this standard – whether they are an internal employee, a contractor, or a client, won’t last long with me.

And so, I want to thank our contractors for their trust, dedication and hard work. I also want to thank our clients. I appreciate working with those who share our commitment to respect for everyone and welcome our contractors as valued members of their teams.

But I especially want to thank my internal team. I appreciate that you conduct yourselves honorably and are steadfast in serving our clients. The work that you perform each day repeatedly demonstrates your commitment to excellence.

I want to particularly thank you all for your hard work this year.  The determination and pride that you bring to the office each day is inspiring. Your efforts, day in and day out, are what get things done. I am grateful again and again as I travel to our offices across the U.S. to see our values in action and to hear that you are all enthused and motivated to make 2016 the best year yet.

When you set your individual goals for the year, they all together become ATR’s goals. As you are personally successful, you make ATR a success. Thank you.

And to everyone - have a wonderful and happy New Year!

Jerry Brenholz
President and CEO

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5 Posts of Appreciation: Post #4 is About Our Contractors

Posted by ATR International on Mon, Dec 28, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

happy_contractord.jpgPart 4 of our 5 part end-of-the-year series about the things we appreciate here at ATR.

In this post, part of our continuing series, the spotlight is on our contractors and how much we truly appreciate them.

Think about it.  Most companies make things and sell them – they have a physical, tangible product. A car, a video game, a pair of shoes or even a software program – they are all things.  For most companies, the only human part of the equation is the customer.  Not so in the staffing industry.  We don’t sell a product. We work with people, connecting them with companies that need their services. This makes everything different.

We appreciate that our contractors allow us into their lives and entrust us with such an important part of themselves – their career, their livelihood. People work to support themselves and their families. Their job is an integral part of who they are and it takes great trust and faith to put yourself in someone else’s hands.  We appreciate every time someone puts their trust in us in this way.  It is a responsibility that we take seriously.

To be the most successful, we need people to be honest with us and let us be honest with them. We need them to listen and take our advice. We are so grateful that our contractors do this. In this way, we’ve shown some of our contractors that they are more in demand than they might have thought, placing them in positions of more seniority and salary than they expected.

We’ve helped people achieve their dream of working at a particular company or moving to a new city with the security of a job in hand. We’ve helped people develop new skills. We’ve helped some transition from a permanent position to full time contract work and helped others use contract positions to move into a permanent role.

And of course, the most important thing is that we’ve helped our contracts earn a living performing valued work. It’s a simple thing to say but what it means to have a job is anything but simple. The satisfaction, confidence, and a host of other wonderful feelings that a career brings to an individual are critical. We all want to make a better life for our family and friends, contribute to and improve society, and help build stronger communities to live in. Jobs let us do this.

We appreciate how hard our contractors work. We appreciate that they are understanding when there are delays that postpone the start of an assignment or when the opposite is true, and we need someone to jump on it and start on short notice.  We appreciate their patience. We are grateful for the pride they take in their work and the dedication they bring to the execution of their duties. We are continuously impressed with their commitment to our clients. Our contractors consistently display the same motivation and loyalty as any permanent employee.

ATR’s contractors help our clients innovate and grow. These talented people work in the biotechnology and life sciences industries helping our clients perform vital research, including delving into the foundations of life.  They work in the medical devices and healthcare industries, helping us all live healthier, longer, happier lives. They design, develop, code, test, and rollout software and technology that touches all areas of our lives, making us safer, entertaining us, connecting us, and more. These are just some examples of the amazing things they accomplish.

Finally, working in the staffing industry is a very rewarding job to have. The feeling you get when you tell someone they’re hired is amazing. And we get to experience it every day, over and over again. None of it would be possible without these amazing people putting their trust in us. We sincerely appreciate that our wonderful contractors choose to work with ATR. They make our jobs fulfilling and our own careers worthwhile and successful.

And so: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We look forward to working together into the new year!


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5 Posts of Appreciation. Post #3 is About The Non-Profits We Work With

Posted by Andrea Brenholz on Tue, Dec 22, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

non-profit.jpgPart 3 of our 5 part end-of-the-year series about the things we appreciate here at ATR.

We’ve spent the past few weeks thinking about what we appreciate at ATR, individually and as a company. It’s my pleasure this week to pen our appreciation for the nonprofits that we work with and support. Further, I am especially pleased to share my appreciation for our ATR colleagues and the time and effort that they spend supporting so many worthy organizations.

Let me start with the organizations that we are privileged to assist.  The work that they do is vital. Our communities are stronger and our lives enriched because of them. This year ATR helped the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the American Cancer Society, Toys for Tots, the Second Harvest Food Bank, the United Way, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Bennett Clayton Foundation, and Vail Place. These organizations are essential and we appreciate the people who work to bring critical services to our communities. We are grateful for their efforts.

When I used the word privilege I really meant it. As you probably know yourself, when you give – your time, money, expertise – you get back tenfold. It’s a bit oxymoronic but it’s true - the giver actually receives. Research shows that giving is good for us.  It strengthens our connections to each other, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress and depression.  Giving to other people makes us feel happy, so it’s emotionally good as well as being physically beneficial.  Thank you to these wonderful organizations for giving us the opportunity to feel this way.

At the heart of our charitable efforts are our employees and I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for their work.  Some of ATR’s charitable support is relatively easy, such as a direct donation to sponsor a golf event, but much of our support comes about because of the individual efforts of the people of ATR working as a team. They organize fundraising events in our offices, participate in charity walks, run raffles, and more to raise the needed funds.

I’m always proud of my ATR colleagues but never more so than when I see the commitment they have toward giving back; making our communities better. Since my family started the business more than 25 years ago, we’ve been fortunate to work with amazing people – so talented and dedicated. When they bring those qualities to charitable endeavors the results are predictably great.

In addition to supporting non-profit organizations as part of the ATR team, our employees individually donate their time too. We are happy to support these individual efforts and ATR’s Voluntary Time Off program is in place to help our employees to make a difference. VTO gives people the option to use up to a week’s worth of paid time to volunteer at a charity of their choice.  It’s totally flexible. You can read to children in the hospital for an hour a week or you can schedule a full week off and go work with Habitat for Humanity.

I am never surprised but always impressed anew and moved by the energy and commitment my colleagues bring to their charitable endeavors.  They’ve used their time to support organizations like Sacred Heart Community Services, the Make a Wish Foundation, and the Alzheimer’s Association. They’ve served food, sorted canned goods and clothes, helped people learn to read, and built houses. And these are just a few examples.

Appreciation doesn’t seem quite adequate a word but it will have to do. So as the year draws to a close and we take stock of what we appreciate, the men and women who work tirelessly at non-profit organizations top the list, right alongside my colleagues at ATR.  Thank you everyone!

Andrea Brenholz
Chief Strategist, Creative Brand Marketing

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As an MBE, There's More to Networking Than You Think

Posted by Angelique Solorio on Thu, Dec 17, 2015 @ 10:16 AM

Woman-Networking.jpgNetworking. We are advised to do it, and with good reason: because it works. Most of us understand that, but do we truly understand how valuable and critical that support system is to business success?

As an MBE, you are probably interested in doing business with large corporations and want to network with corporate buyers and supplier diversity program managers. So it probably seems obvious that you would attend a seminar, luncheon or conference where these people will be present. And once there you might have a singular focus on meeting them.

For me, or any of us, there is so much opportunity in developing relationships with others within the NMSDC network, and in particular with those working on national or local councils and committees that have relationships with many across the U.S. The more you have the chance to understand one another’s needs, the more successful it is to build true relationships that you can benefit from. I know that I have gained a much greater appreciation of the value over the past few years. I have seen how powerful my business connections can be, and how they have advocated our business for new business.

I believe that it is good practice to pay attention for more than just opportunity for my firm. Many others think this way too, and certainly those who I have met working for the council absolutely take that as one of our responsibilities. The NMSDC’s mission is to advance business opportunities and connect MBEs to corporate buyers and programs and vice versa. Individually, we all take this mission to heart, as to do many of our members. When I visit a company’s booth that I am trying to do business with, I listen to what they are looking for overall, not just whether they need staffing solutions. If there is an opportunity for a product or service where I know an MBE that could provide it, I try to help. If there is a MBE service or product that a Supplier Diversity Manager is seeking and I happen to know one I’ve had the chance to learn about and personally witnessed their success and efforts, I send their information over to that individual.

For example, at this year’s NMSDC national conference in San Diego, there were far too many booths for one person to visit. As you can imagine it is certainly very difficult to make meaningful connections with all of them. Our MBEIC committee specifically planned to make an effort to make sure we all had lists of registered MBEs who were also attending so that if we came across something we thought might be right for one of the other companies, we would let the other person know about the opportunity and encouraged them to connect.

Our efforts came from success stories from last year’s individual experiences. What naturally happens because of the friendships that develop, this year we made a specific push – let’s help promote each other! As a committee member, we have a different kind of relationship with many buyers, which puts us in a different position, sometimes a more advantageous one, to connect and talk to corporate members.

That’s why it’s important to network with other MBEs and not just committee members and corporations. You never know who knows who or when they’ll have the chance to promote you and your business. The more people you meet and get to know, the better off you’ll be. Not everything someone recommends you for will work out of course; but again, increasing your odds will ultimately increase the chances of success.

That is why everything you attend is the place to network, and everyone you meet is an important connection. A training program can be just as valuable as the national conference if you do things right. To end where we began, remember that whatever your situation is, large or small, MBE or corporation, new or long time NMSDC member, there are great networking opportunities available. It’s a tangible benefit that only you can tap into. We’re all here to help each other but you have to get out and network. Let us know about you and your company and you can be sure that we’ll do our best to help you grow and succeed!

Angelique Solorio
Corporate Outreach Manager, Supplier Diversity


  Improve Supplier Diversity Program


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